Website Analytics

Who is visiting your website? What browsers do they use? Where do they go in the site? How These are just some questions analytics can answer. The aim of using website analytics to monitor a website’s traffic is to help figure out how well or how bad your website is actually performing. Additionally, website analytics can help you determine effective and ineffective areas of your website. Until you understand who is coming to your website, how they got there and why, it’ll be difficult to improve the website with SEO.

Analyzing and studying your website statistics are essential for the success of any website and without it it’s difficult to improve your websites online marketing. Not analyzing your traffic with analytics is like being blindfolded in a crowd. You hear lots of voices, but you don’t know which direction they are coming from or who they are.

Website Analytics can provide you with the correct perspective of how your website is performing on a daily or monthly basis. Website owners recognize that the investment they make in marketing their websites online using search engine optimization requires a means of measuring their return on investment. Analytics provides a website owner with a means of benchmarking and monitoring all SEO work being carried out by seeing the impact it has on their websites traffic statistics and whether their website is growing or declining in popularity.


Our analytics reports are a fantastic tool for Search Engine Optimization of your website, especially if you are concerned with targeting specific geographic regions. If your business provides a service (such as landscape gardening) and can only operate in a small area, gathering data about where you visitors are from could prove invaluable. For example due to the new features in Analytics which enables you to compare time periods, you can see whether your SEO adjustments to target a local area have been successful by viewing the number of visitors from that region. In the difficult world of SEO, having such data available is a fantastic way to measure the success of your ‘geotargeting’ and improving the chances of your website showing up for local search.


Analyzing your geotargeting results and matching them up with non-internet media plans, such as newspaper advertising, can give you important insites as to how well your print media campaigns are funneling users into your web site.

Our website analytics reports answer important questions such as:

  • How many visits is your web site receiving?
  • Where are the visits originating?
  • How long are users staying on my web site?
  • How many pages do your visitors look at?
  • What % of visitors are new to your site, and how many are return visitors?
  • What is the bounce rate of your visitors?